Facebook did it again? Two new stand-alone apps.

Do you still reemember when Facebook explicitly removed their chat features on their mobile apps and make it as a stand-alone app? Now the social networking giant did it again for the group features by announcing their new mobile app.

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Last Tuesday, Facebook announced their Facebook Group and FB Techwire. The Facebook Group is now readily available for download on iOS and Android. This new app lets you create new groups, write a message and post a photo or video within the member of a group. You can also track any notifications coming from different groups.

Facebook Group was created by Facebook Creative Labs, which is the same company responsible for other Facebook apps like Paper, Slingshot, Mentions, and Rooms.

During their conference call Mark Zuckerberg, who is the Chief Executive, saying that the company is working on apps that do one thing really well. "Now, in order to best serve people, you need to build multiple standalone different apps.”

As for the FB Techwire, this is bundled with FB Newswire. The FB Newswire was launched last April of this year. Seven months later Facebook announced FB Techwire. It is responsible for delivering technology news.

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