Beyonce Knowles collaborated with Gab Valenciano for New Video

Beyonce has established herself as an Internet star aside from being an actual superstar. So of course when a new “music video” appeared online of her new song “7/11″ without any announcement, the Internet went crazy.

All-around multimedia star and performer Gab Valenciano has collaborated with one of music's biggest stars – Beyoncé herself.

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 Scroll down for the video.

In the video, Beyoncé goes against the grain, polished look and going for a homemade feel. Was the video” 7/11” inspired by Gab Valenciano’s famous Super Selfie videos? And yes, it turned out that Beyonce’s management asked to bring Gab on board to help with the creative process of the new music video.

He also confirmed the news on his Facebook account. According to him:

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Even his family members had already shared the good news.

Gab Valenciano’s Mom Angeli Pangilinan tweeted:

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 Paolo Valenciano Gab’s brother also tweeted:

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In the video “7/11”, you can see Beyonce doing random dance moves alone, and then later on joined by her friends, who also do choreographed moves. The footage feels like it was shot with a personal mobile device, and the video highlights Beyonce’s apparently unchoreographed (for the most part) moves.

Beyonce even did a trademark Gab move, where he kneels, throws his hands up, and looks up.

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